Instruction For Use (IFU) – EU MDR 2017/745


This product contains 2 variations.

  • Variation 1 is only containing the IFU checklist in an excel format
  • Variation 2 is the IFU checklist and an Adobe Indesign Model. See the example in the description below.

You should not download variation 2 if you don’t have Adobe InDesign.  No reimbursement after purchase.


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We offer you in this package the elements that will help you to create your Instruction for Use (IFU) compliant with EU MDR 2017/745. Instruction for use depends on the product. An instruction for use for Wheelchair is not the same as one for a pacemaker or software. So to help you we have developed 2 documents.

  • IFU Checklist
  • Design Models (Adobe InDesign Models)
Below is a description of the IFU and the different models that are offered. You can purchase the IFU checklist alone or buy it together with one of the model. 

IFU Checklist

The first document is the IFU checklist. We have extracted from the EU MDR 2017/745 the requirements listed in Annex I for Instruction For Use.

This checklist is a document that can be included in your quality management system to prove that you have verified all the elements of the EU MDR are available.

The checklist is provided in a Microsoft Excel Format.

IFU checklist image

Model Adobe InDesign Format

To help you get the final format of the document that you can provide to your customers, here is a model for the Basic Instruction for use document. 

This is provided in an Adobe InDesign Format. If you don’t have Adobe InDesign you will not be able to read it. 

Basic Model

EU MDR medical device IFU model indesign to purchase Easy Medical Device

3-fold Blue Model

Instruction for use model 3 fold blue Easy Medical Device Templates Adobe InDesign EU MDR 2017/745
Instruction for Use IFU Model 3-fold blue page 2 Easy Medical device Model Adobe InDesign EU MDR 2017/745
IFU packs

Checklist, Checklist + Model Basic, Checklist + Model 3-fold Blue


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