Drug-Device Technical Doc – Article 117 EU MDR


Following Article 117 of the EU MDR, Drug companies that do place on the EU market a drug that contains as an integral part a device should seek for a Notified Body opinion on the device.

We created this Technical Documentation template that is specifically matching the requirements of Article 117. This will help you to build you Drug-Device Combination Technical Documentation so that you can submit it to your Notified Body.

In case you need support to execute this action, please contact us at info@easymedicaldevice.com


When you are buying this pack of documents you will have done already 80% of the job to submit your Drug-Device combination product assessment to a Notified Body.

Here is the type of format that your Notified Body is looking for:
1. Fully legible (including pictures, signatures etc)
2. Readily and searchable
3. Without any file/document access protection
4. Offering the structure and contents with clear identification of the
contents covered (e.g. via bookmarks, hyperlinks)
5. Offering unambiguous file and document identification (name, number, date, revision number etc.)

And this is what we offer with this package. All your information will be structured in a way that will help you fill the template easily. We included some guideline inside the document so you know exactly what to include in each section.

Technical File Template MDR 2017/745 Sample

Drug-Device Technical File Documentation

This template will include the requirements as stated in Article 117 of the Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745.

GSPR MDR 2017/745 Template

The GSPR template

It is build to answer to the requirements of MDR 2017/745 Annex I.

All the 23 requirements are mentioned and a support is provided to show the evidence that you are compliant.


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