Green Belt Certificate 28th Edition – January 2024

  • This course closed on 02/18/2024.

Within this course, you will learn more about the EU MDR. But you will also be challenged. This is not only a course where you will get some theory but you’ll have also to show that you can put all the information into practice.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

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We recommend you engage in this course only if you have already some basic knowledge of EU MDR or if you have passed the Mini-Course EU MDR. You’ll need to invest 2-3 hours per day to be able to finalize the course, perform the quiz, work on the assignments, and participate in the Live Sessions.

Course Instructor

Monir EL Azzouzi Monir EL Azzouzi Author
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 01/22/2024.

5 thoughts on “Green Belt Certificate 28th Edition – January 2024”

  1. Dear Monir,

    Always a pleasure to read you to hear you :).

    Please what the exam of Green Belt consists in???

    And what are the differences between the Mini free course proposed by Easy Medical device ???



  2. I worked in Healthcare field.I have 9 years experience in Medical devices.currently, I am searching for a job.I wanted to learn more about EU MDR.

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