eTraining – Audit Readiness

This training will help you get prepared for an upcoming audit. This will explain to you what is an audit, how to get prepared, and how to behave with the auditor. So don’t hesitate to take this course to be able to understand what you should expect.

You can also learn within this training how to train your team to welcome an audit. This is important to have all your company sensitized to Audit Readiness.

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Monir EL Azzouzi Monir EL Azzouzi Author

e-training Audit Readiness

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Audit Readiness
By: GNavarro

Great course for the very basics for Audit preparation. Good tips and the course instructor knows very well what he is talking about. Not a course to get deep into audit strategies but excelent for at least have the knowledge of the mimum you require to be ready!

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